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Facebook PickStars
Facebook PickStars
Football Tips
The power of the crowd producing a winning formula!
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With thousands of predictions made every week, our algorithms identify the most likely results and feed them back to you, our subscribers. This gives you the opportunity to use our stats to place bets and to reap the rewards of PickStar Power!

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Invite your friends and enjoy some friendly competition.

People Power

People Power

People Power

Reap the rewards of crowd prediction

Receive weekly top 5 predictions

Our system generates trusted algorithms

"Great competition. It sounded crazy, You put in good tips to win the competition but so does everyone else. Ends up that we all win.
I liked the fact that after Saturday cut off, I could see everyone's predictions and I could follow the tips of the people leading the competition. It's a thing of beauty."

Paul O'Neill (Birmingham)

"So the Top 5 tips were running so good, we started a syndicate. 13 of us put in £30 each. Each week, we'd bet 30% of our kitty on trebles. We followed the Top 5 tips and our syndicate won £25,000.
If it wasn't for a 93rd minute winner, we would have won £100,000. Don't bother asking us if we're in next year. I think you know the answer!"

Lee Atkinson (West Worthing)

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