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Saturday 2nd September is International Break


As it's international break, we all get a break. Next round of fixtures is Saturday September 9th. In the meantime English national team have packed their sun cream and their beach towels and they're off to play Malta presumably on a beach. Can't believe Rooney would want to retire for this game. What a great boys weekend this will be. So we had another brutal weekend of football fixtures. So many draws in the EPL. Should Man City also have been a draw at Bournemouth? Are they still playing or has the referee finally blown for full time? Injury time? It didn't look like a scene form The Bridge on the River Kwai. Even Celtic wobbled this weekend and drew against St Johnstone. Only 1 in 3 got their second prediction right this weekend and we only have 3 people out of all of us who have got their second prediction right for 3 weeks in a row. Poor Spurs and Arsenal, they need to get together and call a truce - Arsenal should play all of Spurs home games and Spurs should play all of Arsenals away games. Sorted. Don't worry about your own early season form. You knew it was going to be hard. Give it a couple more weeks. There's obviously no odds in yet for September 9th but fixtures are attached. Let's get studying.

Download : Month 1 Round 4 Sept 9th Naked.JPG