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Facebook PickStars

Weekend Ahead - Saturday 9th September


Well it soon will be APPy days – the APP is nearly ready. Watch this space unlike when England play Malta. Honestly, if they were playing in my front garden, I’d not get up to open the curtains. So we’re back to more head banging results for the weekend coming. You know I love my gamble guide? Well it’s flagged up that Leicester have got a chance against Chelsea at home. I don’t know about that one. We’ve also got a weird one in Scotland where Hearts are playing their home game against the leaders Aberdeen at Murrayfield – there will 60,000 screaming Hearts fans at that game. Hope the teams remember you get points for kicking it under the bar. We’ve also got Man City and Liverpool playing in the early game fighting for 3rd place (sorry I mean 1st place) and we’ve got Everton at home to Spurs. Everton should have offered to play them at Wembley. And finally for my excitement, we’ve got 3 people with a 100% record in getting their second prediction right. They’ve not shied away from the challenge – all their predictions are 2.00 or more. So good luck everyone. Keep those eyes on the prize – a winning Top 5.

Download : Month 1 Round 4 Sept 9th Naked.JPG