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Facebook PickStars

Weekend Ahead - Saturday 16th September


Well, well, well. Did you see the Top 5? It's only Week 4 and we already got 4 right. Well next week is Week 5 so will we get 5 right? Tomorrow Rodney, we will be millionaires. Maybe not though. I've had a quick look and this week is tough, tough, tough. We've got Tottenham trying to win at Wembley. We've got Arsenal trying to win away at Chelsea. And oh dear, we've got Forest Green trying to win anywhere. It's got to be said that we had a cracking week last week. We had 50% of us getting our second prediction right. Some people finally made some impact on the scoreboard. All our 3 invincibles who hadn't got their second prediction wrong were all once more correct. I think that's why the Top 5 is so good. So good luck with this week's jigsaw of a prediction game. I see no straight pieces or corners but plenty of green grass and blue sky. This jigsaw could be a bitch. If you can see any certs, let me know as I'm struggling. So just take a deep breath, think of Ulrika Johnnson and say "Gladiators ready". Good luck everyone

Download : Month 2 Round 1 Sept 16th Naked.JPG