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Facebook PickStars
Facebook PickStars

Weekend Ahead - Saturday 12th August


Oh yes. We are back. Over 9 months of torture on its way and it all starts this Saturday. Remember Day 1 last season? Relegated Hull beat Champions Leicester. Fortress Burnley lost at home to Swansea and Liverpool won away at Arsenal. The fixtures are all below and you’ll notice no Friday night games because we’re all too good at guessing their results on a Saturday. So if you’ve got Arsenal, Leicester, Celtic or Partick, then the computer gives you a random default team prediction and it’s the luck of the draw. Top tip for your second prediction is don’t go too wild. Something 2.00 or over is ideal. Finally you can change your mind as much as you want up until 10am Saturday morning in the UK and then your predictions are final. And yes, we will have a Top 5 this Saturday and they are generated from our seasoned old pros. Actual results at start of season can unfortunately be random so watch and see. Bear with us for the first couple of weeks. App is not tested yet. Can you imagine the chaos if there’s a glitch? Please enter your tips using your email and password and we’ll be APPening soon. Good luck everyone.

Download : Month 1 Round 1 Aug 12th Naked.JPG