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Facebook PickStars

Weekend Ahead - Saturday 19th August


Last weekend can be summed up in one word. BRUTAL. Chelsea, Palace, Liverpool, Rangers - so many upsets in the one weekend. Many had some hope that Newcastle could draw with Spurs but I think Jonjo Shelvey must have used too much as a pool cue in a younger life. Welcome back to the start of the season. If you thought you were the only one who got it wrong then there's some good news for you - nearly everyone was wrong. Only 1 in 3 got their second prediction right. Unfortunately for this weekend, the forecast of it being better is like expecting a sunny day in Rhyl. So chin up and mutter to yourself "No pain, no gain". Expect a couple more weeks of randomness and then things should start to settle down. Fixtures are below. Good luck everyone.

Download : Month 1 Round 2 Aug 19th Naked.JPG