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Weekly Blog

Weekend Ahead - Saturday 19th August


Last weekend can be summed up in one word. BRUTAL. Chelsea, Palace, Liverpool, Rangers - so many upsets in the one weekend. Many had some hope that Newcastle could draw with Spurs but I think Jonjo Sh...

Saturday 12th August Top 5


And finally. Those 3 months have been the longest detention I've ever been in. Here they are. Highest rated Top 5. If you've put these into the Top 5, you should feel proud of them. Number 1 - Derby t...

Weekend Ahead - Saturday 12th August


Oh yes. We are back. Over 9 months of torture on its way and it all starts this Saturday. Remember Day 1 last season? Relegated Hull beat Champions Leicester. Fortress Burnley lost at home to Swansea ...

Nearly there but not quite


10 days to go until our big kick off. Our special boys in the English Prem get a well deserved rest this weekend after playing hundreds of games in America. Hope they recover from their jet lag for th...