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Weekly Blog

2017 - 18 a year to forget


From the first game of the season where Burnley won away at Chelsea and Huddersfield won away at Crystal Palace, you knew something wasn't quite right. And how did the season finish? Newcastle go and ...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 12th May


Last weekend of the season. Season finished just too soon for West Brom's quest for Champions League. Did you see last weekend - Sunderland 3 Wolves 0. There's going to be a lot of that this weekend -...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 5th May


Ever lost heads or tails 9 times on the trot and then go and lose the 10th? How did we manage to find the wrong end of Stevenage v Exeter, Bury v Portsmouth, Barnsley v Brentford? I can't even critici...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 28th April


It's not like we're ripping up trees but at least we got 3 out of 5 last weekend. We're still crawling along with only 1 in 4 getting it right. If everyone gets their one cert right then we'll be 5 ou...

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Weekend ahead - Saturday 21st April


5 weeks to go and just when you feel like you've done 10 rounds with Tyson, this weekend comes up. It's really, really not a nice weekend. Just about every game in League One and Two could be a draw a...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 14th April


What a horrible, horrible weekend of predictions we've just had. Probably the worst of the season. Only 1 in 4 people getting their second prediction right. It's pretty much been following the same pa...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 7th April


Over Easter, after seeing Jesus on the end of a cross at Goodison, I have seen the light. Those wicked, wicked bookmakers are trapping us with their even money odds. Every week they tempt us with low ...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 31st March


Hallelujah, we're back. It felt like the end of the football season last weekend. We had a few games in the lower leagues to have a look at and the mysterious trend of results continued. This weekend,...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 24th March


This weekend is a weekend of relaxation for your brain. It's Internationals weekend so we all get a well deserved break. It's been a tough season so far and every FA Cup weekend had brought mayhem. It...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 17th March


Another soul destroying weekend for our heavyweights. We went into the ring like Tyson and came out like Frank Bruno. We got 1 out of 4 and our beautiful 5th was postponed. In the management merry-go-...

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