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Saturday 7th March


Wave those white flags - 52 games - 20 draws! 15 away wins! And then from the home wins, you've got Watford smashing Liverpool, Hearts beating Rangers and Dunfermline beating Dundee Utd. But who cares? This is why we love it. It's a prediction game and I love seeing people putting their justification next to their tips. Congratulations must got to PipersSteveSmith who said Wolves would beat Spurs and they'd be loads of goals. He was on the money. As for the Top 5, the best cash out was a double up, but guess who got greedy again and let it ride? So this week, when you put in your tip, click on the pink speech bubble and add your opinion. I'll tell you what the computer thinks will be the outcome and you can enjoy your little duel.

Download : > Month 7 Round 1 March 7th.PNG