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Weekly Blog

Saturday 14th October Top 5


Top tip is the early game - the battle of the head versus the heart and the outcome is - Highest rated tip - Man United to win away at Liverpool. Second highest - Charlton to beat Doncaster at home. T...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 14th October


Welcome back everyone. We're back in play. We've got juicy fixtures like Liverpool v Man Utd and Wolves v Villa. Poor Spurs must be dreading their home game with Bournemouth at Wembley - I think they'...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 7th October


Wow. We've just gone and got 4 out of 5 right for the second time in 7 weeks. This time it was a 26-1 quadruple. If you disregard the madness of the first 3 weeks, you can say we've been right twice i...

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Saturday 30th September Top 5


Cream has slowly risen to the top. Couple of games in here that could be draws but let's hope the Prediction Gods are with us. Highest rated tips - in 1st place Peterborough to beat Oxford at home. In...

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Weekend ahead - Saturday 30th September


It’s good news and bad news time. Firstly the bad news – last week was tipped as being a tough week where favourites weren’t favourites and how true was that? Now the good news – this week the...

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Saturday 23rd September Top 5


Wow. Celtic win finally jumped into our Top 5. When the odds came out, Bookies suspected a possible draw and then the Rangers captain was declared injured and the odds plummeted. So here goes for 5 hi...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 23rd September


What another car crash of a weekend – 5 draws from the 9 Premier League games on offer. Liverpool draw? Spurs draw? Chelsea draw? Lots thought Woy would beat Southampton in his first game in charge...

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Saturday 16th September Top 5


Last week 6th and 7th placed tips looked good but crashed. In 6th place this week, we would have had Ipswich to win at home to Bolton and 7th place would have been Leeds to win away at Millwall (maybe...

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Weekend Ahead - Saturday 16th September


Well, well, well. Did you see the Top 5? It's only Week 4 and we already got 4 right. Well next week is Week 5 so will we get 5 right? Tomorrow Rodney, we will be millionaires. Maybe not though. I've ...

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Saturday 9th September Top 5


Liverpool to beat Man City and Reading to beat Bristol City nearly sneaked into the Top 5, but they didn't. Maybe that was a good thing. So here goes. In 1st place, Villa to beat Brentford at home...

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