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Frequently Asked Questions
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faq What team should I select?
faq What is my default Prediction?
faq When does the game start and end?
faq Is it just English Premier League Games to choose from?
faq Can I change my Team Pick through the season?
faq How do you get points?
faq What’s a Wild Pick?
faq Is it a game of skill or luck?
faq What's the challenge of the game?
faq What's the Default Team Pick?
faq What's the Default Wild Pick?
faq What happens if my Team Pick doesn’t have a game?
faq What happens if my weekend game gets postponed?
faq What happens if my game is abandoned after kick off?
faq In a knockout cup competition, does the draw count?
faq Is there a cut off when you cannot change your prediction?
faq Should I bet the Top 5 bet every week?
faq Where can we see who the top predictors?
faq Can I bet on the outcome of football fixtures on your web site?